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Chicago Heights

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Median HH Income


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Chicago Heights

State Plans

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County Plans

No plans are available on the Community level for Chicago Heights

No plans are available on the Open Space Area level for Chicago Heights

Bike/Ped Fatalities & Injuries
Crash data from 2005
Crash SeverityCount
Bicyclist "C" Injury (possible injury)16
Pedestrian "B" Injury (non-incapacitating injury)15
Pedestrian "A" Injury (incapacitating injury)8
Bicyclist fatality2
Greenways in Chicago Heights:
  • = Rail-Trail
  • = Waterway
  • = Rail-with-Trail
  • = Utility ROW
Corridor Utilization
      in miles
Existing Build-
Thorn Creek Trail1.1(1st)3.3 33.1%
Butterfield Creek corridor0.5(2nd)0.5 100%
Old Plank Road Trail0.0(3rd)6.8 0%
Existing Grade Separations
    All trails in Chicago Heights cross roadways at-grade.
Needed Grade Separations
    No highway/trail crossings in Chicago Heights have been identified as needing grade separations.
Rank Among Neighbors
★ = has over 5 miles of Existing Trails
★ = has Planned Trail(s)
Greenway Density
Glenwood1.08 1.51
Lansing0.53 0.96
Park Forest0.45 0.73
Chicago Heights0.14 (4th) 0.96
Olympia Fields0.00 0.94
Flossmoor0.00 0.52
Rank Among Peers
(Population between 23,000 and 40,000 and HH Income between $31,000 and $42,000)
★ = has over 5 miles of Existing Trails
★ = has Planned Trail(s)
Greenway Density
Maywood0.59 1.02
North Chicago0.22 0.88
Chicago Heights0.14 (3rd) 0.96
Melrose Park0.07 0.72
Blue Island0.00 1.15
Calumet City0.00 0.94
Harvey0.00 0.15
Chicago Area Trail Events
Get Involved!

If you are interested in greenway and trail development in the Chicagoland area, you are invited to attend Bikeable Roads and Trails Supporters which meets the second Tuesday of every month in Wheaton, Illinois.

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